Ideologies & Upheavals, 1815-1850

***Ideologies & Upheavals Study Guide***

Concept Map: The "Isms"
19th c. Ideologies Study Guide
19th c. Ideologies Practice

Conservatism, Liberalism & Nationalism
19th c. Political Isms Notes
Documents: Conservatism, Liberalism, Nationalism

Conservatism, Liberalism, Nationalism Documents Discussion Questions
Notes: Conservatism, Liberalism, Nationalism in Historical Context

Notes: Introduction to Neoclassical, Romantic, and Realist Art
Neoclassical, Romantic, and Realist Art Slides
PowerPoint: Romanticism
Romantic Art Analysis Assignment

19th-century Reforms & Revolutions
Les Miserables Lyrics
Reforms & Revolutions Chart

Jeopardy Review Game
Revolutions of 1848 Secondary Sources
Liberalism in France, 1789-1850 DBQ Documents
Liberalism in France, 1789-1815 DBQ Sample Essay
Reading: History of the Potato

"Liberty Leading the People" by Eugene Delacroix (1830)

"You see in me the chief Minister of Police in Europe. I keep an eye on everything. My contacts are such that nothing escapes me."

- Klemens von Metternich to Carl von Dalberg, Grand Duke of Frankfurt, 1817

"When France has a cold, all Europe sneezes."

- Attributed to Klemens von Metternich

"From humanity via nationalism to inhumanity."

- Franz Grillparzer, Austrian poet, 1949, commenting on the Revolutions of 1848

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